Episode 300: Social Media Tips For The Whole Family (Teens Included)

What does Social Media have to do with what I teach? Today's podcast is about one of the subtle shifts that make a HUGE difference in your energy management.

When you're in this trap of "I don't have the time, I don't have the energy, I'm so overwhelmed," you have to ask yourself this. "What can I do today to take back control of the life I want to be living?"

I’m on a mission to help you, as a mother, gain MORE TIME and ENERGY in your life. Living a calm, collected and energetically-nourished lifestyle as a mother is way easier than you think. It’s just not as hard as you’re making it out to be.

Check out my NEW program Mom Is In Control Time & Energy Intensive  at HeatherChauvin.com/intensive to learn:

● How to manage your emotions on a daily basis.
● How to say “NO” to what drains you, and “YES” to what serves you.
● How to hold energetic and time boundaries with people, so you don’t feel drained by their demands and negative energy.
● How to create space for your big dreams--the life you want to be living (parenting, relationships, health, career etc..)

Check out and apply for the program at HeatherChauvin.com/Intensive. If you apply for the program by November 1st at midnight (EST) you qualify for $200 OFF the program when you pay in full.




Heather Chauvin