Episode 427: You Don’t Need a Diagnosis to Change Your Life

Have you ever wondered how your actions really affect your life?

What if you could make one small change that would change your life? Would you do it?

A couple weeks ago on the podcast I talked about how changing your actions can change your life. How can this be?

One fundamental truth is that we become what we tell ourselves. If you take action to overcome those thoughts, you can change your life.

Here is an example: If you feel like you are lacking ease in your life, try putting on some soothing music or meditating every morning.

When you take action to make time for yourself daily, you can be in your sense of ease. You will start to notice a small shift happening each day you practice this action.

“Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.” ― Mark Twain

You have one life to live. What actions are you taking to make it the best you can?

Each day, find one small action you can take to help change your life. Get out of your comfort zone. Find ways to take action and set boundaries to achieve life-changing balance.

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Episode 427: You Don’t Need a Diagnosis to Change Your Life

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Why making yourself a priority is important

  • Doing something for yourself is not selfish

  • Learning how to live with intention

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