Episode 447: Success in Doing Less, Not More {Interview with Kate Northrup}

"My greatest satisfaction has not come - ever - from doing more. It's come from being really present doing the things that matter the most." -Kate Northrup

In this episode, I talk with Kate about:

  • Doing less for more success

  • Why it's important to do less

  • How to get into the mindset of doing less

More about Kate: https://katenorthrup.com/about-contact/

Kate is a mother, wife, business owner, best-selling author, speaker, friend, and juggler of love and time. Her mission is trying her best to find a way for all of us overachieving, ambitious and motivated women to have the kind of lives and businesses we want. She teaches the tools, mindset, and strategies to create that choice for yourself. And she serves it up with heaping dollops of love and fun.


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