Who is this event for?

The One-Day Mastermind is an event for ambitious women who are committed to feeling whole in their lives.

Women driven by purpose with a strong desire to make an impact in their home or in their community.

Women who often question systems, think outside of the box, crave adventure and seek community.

Women who consider themselves action-takers and gravitate towards leadership roles.

What to expect:

Through your feedback and desired outcomes a unique one-day experience will be crafted by myself

(Heather Chauvin) and my wildly creative team.

Collectively we will be exploring topics such as vulnerability, empowerment, storytelling, leadership and manifestation.


This event takes place on Friday, February 22nd 2019

10am - 4pm EST


In a trendy suite of Caesars Windsor Casino (Windsor, Ontario Canada)

Why are we hosting this event?

Women are wired for connection and when we come together with the common collective to make an impact and support one another - we become the best versions of ourselves.

How to register:

Simply fill out the application below - giving us feedback on what you’d like to experience and confirming you are a perfect fit for this experience.

Once you’ve registered, you will be brought to a registration page to purchase your ticket.

If Heather or her team have any questions, we will be in touch.