Friday October 21st 2016

8am - 4:30pm | Ambassador Golf Course

Are you an ambitious woman with an internal ache for more?

Are you looking for science-based tools and strategies that will transform your life FOR GOOD?

Do you have the feeling you were born to do something bigger but you're not exactly sure how to make it happen? Do you crave deeper connections in your relationships (self, child, partner, family)? 


When you attend this hands on experience, you will... 

Avoid feeling isolated on this spiritual path by cultivating authentic connections. 

Learn how to trust your internal guidance system, which will allow you to gain the confidence needed when making difficult decisions. 

Learn how to effectively communicate your needs without feeling guilty. 

Gain step by step guidance on how to identify and positivity copy with uncomfortable emotions, such as anger, anxiety, overwhelm. 

Tickets are 50% off until October 14th at midnight EST.


The story behind THRIVE. 
Back in early 2013, I made the decision to leave a ‘secure' Social Work position to start my own business helping parents understand and connect with their children on a deeper level. I specialized in children's meditation and emotional health. I loved my work, and I could see it was making a big difference in the lives of my clients.
While hustling to grow my business, I was also raising a young family. I was tired.
Later in 2013 I knew something was off when my stomach started to grow abnormally large.

I believed that I didn't have TIME to take care of my needs. I continued to neglect the signs my body was giving me and pushed through. 
On December 21, 2013, my husband brought me to the local ER (I didn't want to go). A Cancer diagnosis was determined after a CT and blood work were completed. 

There is more to this story...
Early in 2014 I reluctantly started Chemo. Due to the rapid growth of the stage 4 cancer cells, I did not have time to make any ‘alternative' decisions about my health.
My body was quickly dying, and my organs were starting to shut down.
I quickly realized that this journey had a larger purpose in my life, so I began to share my story publicly.
While recovering I had to teach myself how to LIVE again, and it was at this point I realized I didn't know how to FEEL ALIVE.
And so THRIVE was born... As I reintegrated myself back into my work, I realized my purpose had nothing to do with teaching women how to parent but rather show them HOW to live in alignment with what their soul craves.
I made a commitment to myself never again to feel burnout, resentful or unworthy. During this event, I will be showing women how I made this possible.

Present day - My health is thriving due to the lifestyle changes I've made (body, mind, and soul). My approach to life and business gives me the opportunity to travel the world with my family while spreading this message.
My current focus is to create a cultural shift for women. My goal is to break old generational beliefs and grow the thriving idea that feeling good and doing what you love is the most UNSELFISH thing you can do for someone else. 
I truly believe the more we can give to ourselves the more we can give back to others. 

Workshop Outline
7:30am: Registration (doors open) 
8:00am: Tea/Coffee
8:30am: Opening Workshop (Clarity) 
10:00am: Keynote Speech with Heather Chauvin
10:30am: Break
11:00am: Workshop (Connecting To your True Self) 
11:45am: LUNCH
1:30pm: Workshop (THRIVING RoadMap) 
3:00pm: Break
3:30pm: Workshop (Removing Self Sabotage)
430pm: Conference complete


Brandi Rivait 200hr E-RYT, 500hr RYT, Medical Reiki Master & Reiki Trainer has been teaching over 5 years.  Brandi is owner of the wellness centre, Integrative Healing Art Studio & Brandi Rivait Yoga.  She is delighted to share the powerful, transformational gifts of yoga and energy healing. 

Danielle Campo knows what it takes to achieve goals. Her story, is about achievements against the odds. It’s about the challenges she faces and the determination that is required to overcome and persevere. 

Danielle was a member of National Canadian swim team from 1998 to 2006.


She represented Canada at the following competitions. 

  • World Championships in Christchurch, New Zealand 1998 (4 Gold Medals)

  • Paralympics in Sydney, Australia 2000 (3 Gold 1 Silver Medals)

  • Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England 2002 (1 Bronze)

  • Team Captain at the World Championships in Mar Del Plata, Argentina 2002 (3 Gold 2 Silver) 

  • Paralympics in Athens, Greece 2004 (1 Silver and Two Bronze Medals)

Danielle believes that a combination of determination, perseverance and passion that measures success in small steps is a successful approach to sport and to any ones life’s journey.


Who should attend? 
Ambitious women seeking a new way of being in their lives, women with an internal ache for more and the desire for freedom and ease. These women are not afraid of the terms consciousness, Universe, meditation, manifesting and a few F-bombs :) Let's just be real. 

How will my business and employees benefit if I sponsor this event? 
"You don't build a business, you build people, then people build the business." 
--Zig Ziglar

People don't buy your product or service. They invest in the experience of your product or service. By becoming a sponsor of this event, you are publicly demonstrating an interest in empowering women in the workforce and creating a positive work culture.  
Your employees will walk away feeling more connected and inspired to themselves and one another. 

There is no other event like this locally in Windsor, ON 

What will I learn if I attend this event? 

THRIVE is filling a cultural need to uplift and inspire women everywhere to take action on the life their soul craves. 

The experience will give the women who attend the opportunity to...
 • Connect with like-minded women on the same path
 • Build self-esteem and confidence
 • Improve communication skills
 • Gain Emotional Intelligence skills
 • Encourage healthy living and leadership
 • Develop positive coping skills for work - life balance 

Women who attend this event will walk away with a greater understanding of how to find soul fulfillment and alignment in all aspects of their lives. 
Where is the money going? 

With a sold out event we will be donating $10 000 to Pajama Angels (
Pajama Angels is a not-for-profit grass root provincial charity dedicated to creating awareness, action, and advocacy for all cancers and chronic diseases through integrative health initiatives. Their Wing Power Fund provides alternative and complementary therapies financial assistance to applicants affected by cancer and chronic diseases. Their donations also support local research of natural and non-toxic alternatives to cancer and diseases. 
What kind of food will we be eating? 
We have been working closely with the Ambassador Golf Course Chef to provide a healthy, energizing, holistic lunch for the event. All day coffee and tea will also be available. 

Menu for the day include: 

Quinoa Salad, Sushi (fruit and veggie), Asian noodle salad, Bean Salad with veggies, Turkey wraps and additional snacks. 

Accommodations/ Transportation
Closest Airports
Windsor, ON YGQ
Detroit, MI DTW 

There are many hotels located in Windsor, ON - some located in Lasalle, ON  

Ambassador Golf Club
1025 Sprucewood Avenue
Windsor, ON, N9J 3Z1


About The Conference Host
Heather Chauvin has made it her personal mission is to crack women open to their deepest potential and lead the life their soul craves. 

She reaches thousands of readers worldwide and leads innovative retreats and coaching programs that teach women to succeed in their most sacred work, their relationships and their sense of purpose. 
Heather's the creator of the New & Noteworthy Podcast, Mom Is In Control and has been featured on the OWN Network, Huffington Post, TV outlets and other media outlets.

With wit and wisdom, Heather inspires a global community of women to take back control of how they want to lead, work, play, and parent. 

Find out more about Heather on her website
Are you ready to get out of your way and THRIVE? Register below.       

What Others Are Saying About Heather's Work

"Now, a year later, I am the mom and entrepreneur I wanted so badly to be..." 

I felt at the mercy of my circumstances and believed wholeheartedly that I was fighting an uphill (if not impossible) battle to all I wanted. Now, a year later, I feel capable of not only supporting my daughter emotionally but supporting myself, too.

My life is still messy, but I've learned how to be happy, present and at peace in the mess with I can't clean it up. -- Shannon Gallagher. 

" My eyes were instantly opened to a whole new way of seeing things." 

" Her work gives women the opportunity to access invaluable support and guidance so that they can more honestly, openly, calmly and powerfully communicate their needs with those they love." 

"I realized where I could put up boundaries and shorten my schedule so I could have more time at home with my family." You find places in yourself you never ever through you knew existed." 

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