You’re In! Are you ready to create more time freedom in your life? 


The Time Freedom Challenge starts NOW. 

Day 1: Rewrite your story. 

Like money and energy, time is a resource and it’s the ONLY resource you cannot create more of. You must use, cherish, and improve your relationship to time, if you want to FEEL like you have more of it. 

Today’s challenge is to rewrite your time story. This challenge will help you retrain your brain to focus on what you DO WANT. 

This can be as simple as a few lines or you can write multiple pages in your journal. 

It’s your story. Your life. 


Dear Time, 

I haven’t been very nice to you lately. I complain a lot that you are never enough. I am deeply sorry and starting today I will show you how much I appreciate you by respecting you more. My actions and behavior will be louder than words. 

Love you always and forever, 




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Heather Chauvin 

Parenting & Women's Leadership Coach