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5 time-saving strategies that will help you feel lighter, more productive, and emotionally in control.

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It wasn’t the fear of dying that scared me, it was not knowing how to FEEL ALIVE.

“But Heather, you’re not dead yet.”

Lying on the bathroom floor, writhing in pain, I said these words to myself, not at all convinced that the woman I now call the Old Heather would make it. She was dying, after all, not just spiritually but literally, physically. Recently diagnosed with stage four cancer, at 28 years old her odds of surviving were grim.  

I felt those odds every moment of every day, in my body and my soul. I saw those odds in the faces of every nurse, doctor, friend and relative I came into contact with.

Now years later, healed and healing, I see that the way we mother MUST change in order for our children to truly know what freedom looks and feels like.

I believe all children deserve a caregiver whose cup is full, whose smile comes from deep in her heart, and whose voice is a source of love, guidance and inspiration. It is they, the kids, whose big smiles and fragile, demanding spirits are my purpose and my mission. To help you become the person you desire your children to be.