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If you’ve been following me for a while you know my winter was spent in solitude fighting for my life.

It seemed like forever and yet it was only a few short months.

This experience has allowed me to up my ‘life’ game. Practice what I preach and go within when I need to- to find my answers and receive the clarity I need to continue to THRIVE.

Every time I get on the phone with a client our conversations revolve around this one questions… Who am I?

We ALL ask ourselves this question from time to time (in one form or another) and when everything you ‘thought’ made you who you are is stripped away you begin the journey is pulling back the layers and seeing your TRUTH. Your insides. Your soul.

Today I wanted to share with you a little piece of my journey. As inspiration to know on your toughest days… you are not alone.


Beneath the hair. The makeup. The clothing. The house. The career. The roles you play lies your truth. Your being. It’s who you are. You can never run from her, only accept with compassion and slowly nurse her back to life again.

She was there from the moment you arrived on your day of birth.

She feels heavy and the more masks you put on, the more pressure she feels.

She is ready to be stripped away. Washed off. Cracked open. Bald.

She is waiting…

You are loved.
You are supported.
You are not alone.

Much love,






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Heather Chauvin is a mental health and self-esteem advocate who has made it her mission to enhance the lives of women and children through conscious living. Heather has a Bachelor of Social Worker Degree and wide variety of continuing education certification in the mental health and holistic sector. Heather also carries a decade of experience working with many diverse populations locally and abroad. Heather leads dynamic training programs that teach both adults and children to succeed in life and accomplish anything they put their minds to. Her unique life experience and professional trainings gives Heather a one-of-a kind approach to personal growth and development.


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