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Last week I was on my Paddle Board listening to the water. Thinking about this crazy amazing journey I’ve been on since December. I am proud to say I am Cancer FREE but this is only the beginning of my health journey.

Everyday I dive deeper into the unknown of ‘why’ and ‘what if’ and you wanna know what, I never get an answer but what I do get is a peace within me I never had before. A knowing that as long as I keep moving forward, taking action and being as mindful as I can… that is enough.

Needless to say this journey has transformed who I am but it has also brought a new dimension to my children as well. I think sometimes we forget they are people too with worry, fears and anxiety.

My oldest is struggling with fear and anxiety around, “what if something bad happens to Mom?” or, what if he gets cancer?

I hear about cases like mine from a lot parents. Their heightened child’s sensitivity which has sometimes manifested itself into…

  • Social anxiety (the child has a hard time making quality friendships)
  • Being extremely sensitive to other people’s negative emotions
  • Bedtime fears
  • Separation anxiety from parents
  • Worry about the health and well being of their parents
  • Constantly afraid of what will happen. Sick with worry

Often times this is a case of a sensitive child. A child with an overactive nervous system who doesn’t quite know how to control it.

You may not see it now but being sensitive is a gift, a blessing – but how can you support your sensitive child?

How can you help your child let go of these worries, fears and anxieties without losing your sanity in the process?

Next Wednesday June 3rd I am hosting a Free Online Webinar that dives deeper on this topic of how we can support our children through their negative emotions.

This is one of the only opportunities this year that I will be answering your questions LIVE on this webinar.

If you have a sensitive child and you are looking to get some relief then this Webinar is for you.

All you have to do is CLICK HERE, enter your name, email address and I will send you all the details to join the webinar for Wednesday June 3rd and how to get your questions answered on the webinar.

Being sensitive isn’t a curse and your child doesn’t have to struggle anymore. The tools I will be teaching you have saved my sanity as a parent and helped my son release many of his fears within minutes.

CLICK HERE to Join me June 3rd.
3 Steps To Helping Your Child Manage Anger & Anxiety.

Much love,




P.S. If you know someone who could use this FREE webinar, forward this email to them. All they have to do is REGISTER HERE. You never know the impact you’re making by giving someone a resource they have been looking for.

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Heather Chauvin is a mental health and self-esteem advocate who has made it her mission to enhance the lives of women and children through conscious living. Heather has a Bachelor of Social Worker Degree and wide variety of continuing education certification in the mental health and holistic sector. Heather also carries a decade of experience working with many diverse populations locally and abroad. Heather leads dynamic training programs that teach both adults and children to succeed in life and accomplish anything they put their minds to. Her unique life experience and professional trainings gives Heather a one-of-a kind approach to personal growth and development.

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