FEBRUARY 22ND, 2019: The One-Day Mastermind is an event for ambitious women who are committed to feeling whole in their lives.

  • Women driven by purpose with a strong desire to make an impact in their home or in their community.

  • Women who often question systems, think outside of the box, crave adventure and seek community.

  • Women who consider themselves action-takers and gravitate towards leadership roles.


For women craving a deeper sense of connection in their life. Women who know they want more but they’re not sure where to start, and not sure what their soul is craving.


A 4-week program with a refreshing approach to negative behaviour - so you can stop yelling and become the parent you want to be.



When it comes to conscious parenting, business and living, my techniques and coaching are a hybrid version from my professional career in Social Work serving high risk families, and my personal experience as an ambitious mother of 3 boys in business who makes her health a priority.

There’s massive clarity ahead and immense opportunity for transformation. I’m known for my no BS approach, life strategy, and action accountability. It’s gonna get annoyingly intentional up in here and you’re gonna love it. Because when you feel in control of your big emotions, when you learn to see your child’s behaviors as symptoms, when you’re grounded in the present—sh*t happens! Epic and awesome sh*t that lights up your life and energizes your soul.

It’s time to claim an abundant life in your business, career, relationships, money, time and motherhood. I specialize in decoding human behavior and use holistic modalities to heal fear, anxiety, and overwhelm. I believe you already have everything you need for success within you—you just need a coach to show you where to find it. My approach is simple but transformational. The bottom line: I will get you results (ask me how).

Excited? I hope so. Life is too damn short and too damn beautiful not to take back control and evolve the way you lead, work, play, and parent once and for all.

Not sure where to start? No worries, fill out the application below and I will be in touch.

Also available but not listed - Personal intensive/planning experiences. Email support@heatherchauvin.com with your needs and we can discuss.